Haji Muhammad Haji Essa Kapadia founded AWAM Group in 1958 as a small agent of oil. He started the operation of AWAM Group focusing on three core values: Quality (high quality products and services), Relationship (building long-term relationship) and Trust (earning trust through quality of products and services). Since then AWAM Group has been following these core values and it is the result of following these principles we have achieved huge business expansion.

AWAM Group now stands as a leading manufacturer, exporter, importer and agent of Rice, Sesame Seed, Pulses, Cooking Oil, Almonds, Pine nuts, Ghee, Green Moung Beans,Hazelnuts, Cashews, Walnut, Wheat, Peanuts, Seeds, Soap Raw Materials, Meal, Wax, Other food stuffs and Agriculture Commodities with an annual turnover of US$ 50 million.

AWAM Group does not only buy/sell commodities but runs its business with prime focus on building long-term mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.

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